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In line with HSE, Public Health & the IACP Covid-19-Return-to-work-guidelines,(  I have taken the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of clients who are attending for face-to-face counselling. 

Due to the dynamic nature of the Covid-19 times we are living in, ongoing risk assessments for face-to-face counselling will take place. This may mean, appointments may be required to go on-line, in accordance with guidelines from Public Health authorities. 

In line with Public Health guidelines, if contact tracing is requested by the relevant Health authorities, your contact information will be disclosed for contact tracing purposes only.

Please let me know  as far in advance as possible,  do not attend for face-to-face counselling if:

  1. in the event you are feeling unwell, 
  2. are waiting for a Covid-19 test or have completed a Covid-19 test and are awaiting results  
  3. or are self-isolating or have been asked to restrict your movements

 Online sessions can be facilitated and alternative appointment times can be arranged. 

Similarly, I will notify you in advance of any scheduled appointments if I am unable to conduct face-to-face sessions. 

Hygiene and health protocols in-between sessions will be strictly adhered to.

When  you attend - please feel free to bring your own small bottle of water if required . 

Face masks must be worn as soon as you enter the building and for the duration of the session. I will also be wearing a face mask.  You must keep your face mask place until after you have left the building and it is safely disposed of. 

Hand sanatizer is provided on entering and leaving the room. 

Appointments will start and end as scheduled, to ensure the appropriate cleaning of counselling room in-between sessions can take place. 

To ensure social distancing is maintained, there will be no waiting outside the room.

Payment: Online payment is preferred, payable at the end of each session. Cash payment however,  is also accepted.

I have given careful consideration to ensure my safety and welfare and those of my clients, is in line with Public Health guidelines and recommendations and will review this on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions on any of the above, or would like to discuss further, please do so .

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